This is a new journey.

We seek firstly to re-create a philosophy of life – by establishing a new reason for our evolution, which has at its core the idea that our minds are living in the fourth spatial dimension,  and for that matter the minds of all things – This core principal then expands consciousness to greater degrees of effectiveness in regards to its three dimensional interaction.

I believe with this core idea, we can find another way of uniting the whole of humanity and the world at large together, without having to suppress identity or traditions. As it means that we all point to the same centre, which isn’t a god, deity or the self but rather a dimensional truth.

With this, one can better work towards alleviating the mind from confusions and beliefs that lead to superiority ideas over the other, and its subjectability to external power(s), which have trapped and kept us a way from a greater potential of being. 

The real power to express potential is thus given to an Autonomous Power that is within each entity – individual or collective.

Are aim is to build a centre that can enable this special type of meditation and its ideas to become manifested in a collective form.

Dome Wood
(Artist and founder of the Artificial Meditation Centre for Autonomous Power)