Foreword by Damien Desamory

I guess if Dome Wood had to start somewhere to explain what reality is, he would begin by discussing dimensions.
It sounds obvious that we live in a three-dimensional space. Length, height and width at first glance certainly don’t warrant a closer inspection.

But if you start to scratch at it you’ll find that it gets interesting. First of all, our materiality exists only in the three dimensions. Although we can understand mono or bi- dimensional reality, we can’t actually interact with it. We can conceptualise what a line is, a one dimensional thing, or a plane, a two-dimensional thing, but as soon as we try to grasp at it, we have to trace it and make it three dimensional.
Now let’s take this slightly further, see if it sticks.

In order to contemplate an overview of one dimension, you must be functioning one dimension higher.
If you were existing in one dimension as on a line, while being able to move along said line in one dimension,
you would only be able to perceive things in zero dimension (a point on the line).
If you were existing in two dimensions – as on a plane – while being able to move in those dimensions, you would only be able to map your trajectories in one dimension, along a line. However, because you can move in two dimen- sions, there could form the ability to know that what you perceive is also in two dimensions. To be able to perceive two dimensions, you would have to elevate to three dimensions. By logical progression – moving to three dimensions – a two dimensional plane can be perceived but not a three- dimensional object.
It therefore stands to reason that there is something on
a higher dimension that is perceiving the three-dimensional reality we inhabit for us. This could have many names, Dome calls it Mind.

Mind is our immaterial essence that guides and makes sense of the universe for our three-dimensional “meat suit”. The human brain is the first thing that has been able to conceptualise this higher dimension. It has invented religions, sciences and taxonomies in order to gain insights on its surroundings and its relationship to this posited superior dimension.
Dome’s model of everything doesn’t only go up to the dimension superior to the one we interact with. It also goes back down. All the way to what is underneath the first dimension, nothingness. This he calls the Void.
Before there was something, there was nothing. Simple enough, right?

However, since everything emanated out of this nothing,
it must have been there, present in the form of a potential. Everything that will, would, could, shall ever exist in all the dimensions, is already present in this Void as a potentiality.
This guiding potential, this Force that bares the promise of everything, that materialises reality, that pushes us ever further in our present, it is inside of you and you can harness it. By getting in touch with it, you can feel your way to the
next dimension, gently approach Mind residing out of touch. Start to conceptualise the fact that you really reside on a higher plane and that all the good and the bad that happens to you in your three-dimensional reality doesn’t define you. You are higher and independent of your successes and failures. This helps you relativize them and keeps you centred in your interactions with life and other human beings. Become a better human being. Become the one whom
we can rely on in the toughest moments. Become detachment and empathy. Find a harmony with destiny. Trust your Autonomous Power and let It lead you towards your ever forming present.
Be part of the Artificial Meditation Centre for Autonomous Power.
This is what Dome Wood would say.

Chapter I – Artificial-Meditation

Artificial Meditation (A.M) is a term to describe the practice of meditating with an artifice.

For the Artificial Meditation Centre, the artifice is a ‘capsule’ formed right angle triangle – This refers directly to Pythagoras Theorem, which has been translated to the description of the emergence of consciousness in relation to the ability-to-know which can be considered as perpendicularly related to potential-information.

The artifice carries the name of the practice : Artificial Meditation Capsule

Why the Artifice for Meditation?

The belief echoed throughout the A.M Centre for Autonomous Power, is that we our actually living as minds in the fourth spacial dimension. Our brains have however been conditioned to think – especially in the west, that we are living in only 3 spacial dimensions – for that is what we perceive around us.
What till now hasn’t been so obvious is that our ability to perceive things in three dimensions is because we are in four spatial dimensions.

Without this realisation it is hard not to see appearances as fixed in the idea of what we see is what we see.

Although humans have realised quite distinctly that something other than this three dimensional reality is going on – to my mind it has never been realised as ‘simple’ as the mind in another dimension above the mind in the third dimension.

The mind in the third dimension is attached to the third dimension, the mind in the fourth dimension is attached to the fourth dimension but can be detached from the third dimension – and therefore able to see it objectively. Even though it always remains connected by the centre.

The mind connected by the centre – moving from the 3rd to the 4th spatial dimension

By sitting in the Artifice while meditating, the sensation of being within another dimension is enhanced – to the point of psychical awareness. The capsule makes one feel their own skin. and in feeling one’s own skin (without touch) while meditating gives one the sense of being outside the skin.
In this way the artifice helps objectify the body to one’s self, which in turn enables one to be objective when dealing with one’s self and for that matter others.

The mediative action of becoming  more aware of breathing is synonymous to receiving and releasing information. 
The better one can receive and release all information – both positive and negative, the more one is at peace in their own form-of-reason.
The Artificial Meditation Centre sits the meditator within the artifice for the duration of his/hers own meditation practice. 

Text by Dome Wood

Chapter II – Artificial-Meditation-Capsule

The Artificial- Meditation Capsule” is the artifice that is used in conjunction to ones own meditation practice.
The capsule based on the emergence of consciousness in the pythagorean formula of A2+B2=C2. With A2 the Ability-to-know, B2 what can be known( potential information) and C2 the emergence of consciousness.

Formula of consciousness base on Pythagorean theorem
Formula of consciousness base on Pythagorean theorem
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The Campaign

On the 5th of September until the 8th of September, by the invitation of Rectangle. The Artificial Meditation Centre for Autonomous Power, will launch its first campaign to realise its self in an actual space. This will be done in the Vanderborght Building as part of the Brussels Gallery Weekend program.

For the campaign four paintings have been blow up to build board size – which demonstrate the key constructs of the centre.

The brochure will be also be presented there in print.