Chapter II – Artificial-Meditation-Capsule

The Artificial- Meditation Capsule” is the artifice that is used in conjunction to ones own meditation practice.
The capsule based on the emergence of consciousness in the pythagorean formula of A2+B2=C2. With A2 the Ability-to-know, B2 what can be known( potential information) and C2 the emergence of consciousness.

Formula of consciousness base on Pythagorean theorem
Formula of consciousness base on Pythagorean theorem

The purpose of the Artifice is to exemplifies the body within a dimension, so as to increase the practitioners awareness of their mind existing in a higher dimension to what they are able to perceive.

Due to this simulation an enhanced form of natural peace is better gained, as the existential struggle is better released.
As this awareness takes more and more prevalence, so too does the working relationship of the practitioners’ own form-of-reason(s) begin to form more effective action.
This is because, as their ability-to-know the nature of the fourth spatial dimension increases to higher magnitudes, the amount of potential information the practitioner can act on also increases.
While their own Autonomous-Power within is felt with greater and greater presence in their present continuum.

The Artificial Meditation Centre’s purpose is to provide this Artifice in multiples for the interested practitioner. With the further effect of creating a community of practitioners and thinkers.

An example of the Artificial-Meditation-Capsule intended for the centre is given below. Along with a demonstration of its use.

“Artificial- Meditation-Capsule ” side and front view. 161.8x100cm, canvas and wood, 2019. Dome Wood
Demonstration of Artificial meditation with the Artificial-Meditation-Capsule.
Proposed Installation view of the Artificial Meditation centre in its base form