The Dream
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The Artificial-Meditation Centre for Autonomous power.

Founded by the Australian artist Dome Wood. Out of a wish to clear the brain from the confusions of its relation the spirit -or- mind and a wish to exist in the mind as fully independent of others – not by stubbornness or arrogance but by the fundamental meaning of the individual.

The centre focuses on two transformative theories:

  1. Our mind perceives ‘reality’ from the fourth spatial dimensions.
  2. Within the Entity there is an Autonomous Power that is the ‘life force’ of every Entity.

Our focus is to bring the brain to full realisation of its Autonomous Power within.
And to develop one’s thinking in respects to the understanding of our minds existing in the fourth spatial dimension.

We see Artificial-Meditation as a tool for achieving this and by doing so empowering the individual to live and act in harmony with their own ‘form-of-reason’.

This brings us to the unique use of an artifice to meditate in, hence the name “Artificial-Meditation”
This Artifice is called an Artificial-Meditation-Capsule.

It is not the concern of the centre as to how one meditates or wishes to sit in the artifice.
The artifice is there to simulate the sense of one’s self as a three dimensional body – sitting within a 4th or higher spatial dimensional mind.

We become in this way re-membered to our being as being be both inside and outside ourselves, and to a power that emanates from within.

This power is autonomous as it is not dependent on anything – not even itself.

We seek to liberate the mind, by liberating the brain from the confusion it has suffered not knowing but knowing its mind is in a higher dimension to itself in three dimensions.

The Artificial Meditation Centre for Autonomous Power seeks to provide a platform for putting one back in balance and awareness of their centre of power. Through the practice of Artificial Meditation.

This is done firstly by realising that the immaterial is the same as the material. Whereby as the material has a centre of gravity so does the immaterial have a related centre of power – that is autonomous to you in the same way as gravity.

And by realising that what enables you to have subjective conscious experience is because of the you in the fourth spatial dimension.

The centre becomes a place to discuss and understand these new fundaments, as well as providing a tool for those interested to practice this realisation in a meditative way,

The Dream

Dome Wood tells of a dream that he had some 12 years ago which has played a part in his persistence of what he considers the core question – What is reality to the mind?:

“I was walking in a line of zombies through a corridor, in front of us was a zombie guard whipping at us, like the slaves of Egypt. We were shuffled into a small room with no windows. At that point I looked into the far top corner of the wall, and noticed a small gap. The guard saw me looking at this and started laughing saying – You’ll never get out through there- Then suddenly in next moment I was out on the other side of the building, in a beautiful landscape. I wanted to tell the others that it was possible, and saw a table with a checkered table cloth on it. I then proceeded to thread the table cloth through the small gap – in order that they will then also know there is an outside and a possibility to get out. After that I woke up.
The dream has stayed with me ever since. It told me of a certain possibility to get to the outside not by the body but first by the mind. It also told me quite clearly that there is an importance to at least let others know of this possibility if I was to succeed to get there myself”


  • Our mind perceives ‘reality’ from the fourth spatial dimensions.

The principal theory that the Artificial Meditation Centre is based upon – is that our minds(the subjective conscious experience) which says I am- exists in and percieves from- four spacial dimensions as opposed to just the three that we see.
This fact awakens us up a reality, where the immaterial (what is not visible) is not only connected to the material world, but is in direct progression from it.

The logical proof that I have discovered, enabling me to say that we are living in four spacial dimensions is as followed:

The realisation that our minds and for that matter the minds of everything must be in the fourth spatial dimension, occured when I was watching a youtube video on the how it might be if we were living in a two dimensional plane trying to understand a three dimensional object. The general perception seems that in a two dimensional plane you can only perceive two dimensions – and not three. It was here that I realised a misconception. For on a two dimensional plane you can only actually perceive one dimension, however because (or if) you could trace your movement – you could form an ability to know that you are in two dimensions and the objects you perceive are also in two dimensions.
Take this a step further and the same logic follows in three dimensional space.

If you were existing in one dimension as on a line, while being able to move along the line in one dimension, you would only be able to perceive things in zero dimension(a point on the line).
If you were existing in two dimensions as on a plane – while being able to move in those dimensions, you would only be able to perceive things in one dimension – however because you can move in two dimensions there could form the ability-to-know that what you perceive is also in two dimensions.
To actually perceive two dimensions you would need to be elevated to three dimensions. 
So by logical progression, moving to three dimensions – a two dimensional plane can be perceived but not a three dimensional object.
To perceive (have knowledge of what is seen) in three dimensions the mind must therefore move to the fourth spatial dimension and in doing so leave the third dimension – leaving the attachment to its own body.
This means that the mind can now move in four spatial dimensions but can only perceive three spatial dimensions.

What is the fourth spatial dimension: Duchamp thought of it as touch and touch is perhaps a close analogy – as touch describes taking  hold of something from the outside and feeling all sides. But touch can be removed and simply replaced by the mind being on the outside and in being on the outside able to perceive an inside – an inside that is also ‘outside’ the three dimensional space.
This gives the mind a comprehension of the object as separate from itself.

If the mind starts off at zero dimension, and progresses naturally to four dimensions (of Space) which is the inside and outside of space. It must be true that everything as an entity that exist in space must have a mind.
This however does not imply that every entity has the same ability to know or understand its mind in the fourth spacial dimension. nor for that matter the autonomous power within

Within the Entity there is an Autonomous Power that is the ‘life force’ of every Entity.

This can only be speculative – however there is also a certain logic to it.

Ontological Principal:

Before there was any form there was the mind in the void – a point of reason in an otherwise pointless space.
As a point of reason there is a sense to the mind, this sense is that of something happening to it.
What is happening to the mind in its most abstract sense, is the autonomous power of the void pushing against it. 
The void is everything in the future as an autonomous power, against the autonomous power of everything (that can be) now.
The power of the void is autonomous, because it is not dependent nor caused by anything.

This can only mean that within us there is a power that is before the origins of space-time. A power that is also autonomous and that pushes our minds further into the present continuum.
I calls this power the ‘Future Initiator‘ .
It is autonomous as it is not dependent on any system or structure, and allows all things to be over time.
At this centre which is inside but outside the three dimensional object there is no reason – there is no point – there is no you.  
There is only the ideology of the future that pushes out as a force, pushing the mind with its form-of-reason into the continuum of the present. 
This non-dimensional centre is sheer power – the power of the void as an abstract ideological force of the future – contained in an inner immateriality of the thing and embedded in the force of the present that pushes against it.
The power remains autonomous as its not even dependent on its own structure.

Text by Dome Wood